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IChildren's Podiatry

Children require qualified, clinical understanding of their development to ensure they can reach their foot and lower limb milestones for use in play, sport and school related activities.  A child's little feet are required to carry the entire weight of a body throughout their lifetime so it is important to remember that early assessment is vital for assessing the source of the problem. Podiatry at Earlysteps can help with this.

Common Conditions


Our podiatrist at Earlysteps focuses on children and adoloescent podiatry for children from birth to 18 years. Commonly client's at Earlysteps may present with:


  • In toing (pigeon toes)

  • Out toing

  • Excessively flat (pronated) feet

  • Foot deformities (Curly toe, Hammer toe)

  • Gait related issues - walking

  • Growth related conditions

  • Congenital abnormalities 

  • Sports injuries

  • Growing pains

  • Toe walking (Idiopatic or diagnosis related)

  • Nail and skin abnormalities (Ingrown toenails, Tinea, Fungal infections, 

  • Knock knees

  • Bow legs

  • Leg and foot pain

  • Heel pain

  • Knee pain

Treatment approaches


Some conditions may be outgrown naturally but may need some intervention. This may include:


  • Education and advice

  • Corrective footwear

  • Exercise and positioning programs

  • Splinting, taping, casting and shoe inserts

  • Orthotic therapy

  • Minor surgery (such as ingrown toe nails and warts)

  • Referrals

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