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Funding options at


Earlysteps is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective health care. We currently accept EFTPOS, Credit Card and direct transfer payments.

Funding Options 


Earlysteps is registered to provide services under the following programs and initiatives:


  • Privately funding

  • 'Helping Children with Autism' (HCWA)

  • 'Better Start for Children with Disabilities' (Better Start)

  • 'Chronic Disease Management' (CDM) - formally 'Enhanced Primary Care' or EPC

  • Funding through other various funding bodies

For private clients:

  • A medical referral is not required.


We request full payment at the time of consultation. You will be provided with a receipt that may be used for claiming through your private health fund (Please check with your health fund for what Podiatry and Occupational Therapy services are covered by your fund).

For National Disability Insurance Scheme' (NDIS) clients:

  • Earlysteps supports participants who are plan-managed and self-managed.


For Medicare (Chronic Disease Management) clients:

  • A referral is required from your general practitioner. These forms include a 'Team Care Arrangement' or 'GP Managment Plan' that the clinician must obtain from the client/medical centre, sign and fax back to the GP PRIOR to accepting a referral. These documents will also include a separate referral form that outlines the number of Podiatry or Occupational Therapy visits allowed. A maximum of 5 visits are allowed, across all health professionals, per calendar year.


Currently the client is asked to pay the full amount at the time of consultation and then take your receipt to Medicare to claim. There is a gap fee that is dependent on several factors. Please contact medicare directly to confirm the amount.


For Medicare (HCWA or Better Start) clients:

  • A referral letter signed by the paediatrician is required to access both assessment and treatment sessions.


*Please note, Earlysteps does not currently accept referrals made under the 'Mental Health' Medicare initiative.

For information regarding how occupational therapy or podiatry may help your child

Contact the Earlysteps clinic directly

on (03) 9733 0833

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