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Occupational Therapy at Earlysteps

Occupational Therapy at Earlysteps provides therapy to children, youth and young adults who may have physical, behavioural, social and cognitive delays or a diagnosed disability.      

Occupational Therapists aim to enhance childrens' development and functional performance (ability to participate) in daily settings including home, educational and community life.

Occupational Therapy for Children

Using developmental, sensory integration, physical, behavioural, and cognitive approaches, Occupational Therapy at Earlysteps focuses on helping children engage in meaningful and purposeful daily occupations—the activities that make them successful and engaged in their life.

Occupational Therapists' for children may provide assessment and intervention for:

  • Self-care (dressing, eating, toileting)
  • Fine motor skills

  • School related tasks

  • Handwriting (and/or pencil grip)

  • School readiness skills

  • Visual perception

  • Gross motor skills (movement and motor planning difficulites)  

  • Functional issues specific to a disability or impairment

  • Activities related to functional performance (ball skills, skipping, bike riding)

  • Equipment prescription (activities of daily living)

  • Sensory processing 


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